Eurock The History of….

EUROCK ~ A History of…

Eurock began as a 1 hour FM radio program in 1971 in Central California. That was followed by the beginning of Eurock Magazine in 1973. From there it has been a long and winding road creatively, including import distribution companies, teaching music history in schools, releasing music on cassettes, LP and CDs, publishing a multimedia CD-ROM, and ultimately a Eurock book.

A History of… is a sort of audio book, derived from the series of classes I taught in the early 1980s on the Roots of Euro Rock. They were first offered in a community school setting, then on the Portland Public High School level, finally as lectures at Reed College during their Paidea mid-term sessions.

Early on I recorded several of the class lectures which were filled with tall tales, cultural musing, and perhaps even some facts. The narratives were enhanced by music from bands that were happening at that time in various countries around the world. Some continue on today, others have vanished. The music selections included here are only meant to serve as sample excerpts. If you like what you hear, some of the material has been reissued. You are encouraged to search it out and buy the CDs from any of the various sources that make it available today!

This material was first offered as a LTD. EDITION cassette series in the mid 80s. It is not meant to be definitive by any means, but does in fact serve I think as a good general overview & interesting artifact of that time. Over the years people have asked about them, so its been decided to re-release them as a LTD. EDITION once again. Considering the time and source of the recordings, the overall quality is quite good.

The 7 CDs in the set present an abridged version of Eurocks history, chronicling my own personal experience of discovery. The disc titles illustrate the various music scenes covered. The contents highlight what I came to know of them at that point in time, via contacts and listening to a ton of new music over approximately the first 15 years of Eurock.

Some of the artists featured are: Amon Dl II, Can, Embryo, T. Dream, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh, Faust, Magma, Ange, Gilbert Artman, Yochko Seffer, Le Orme, Banco, Franco Falsini, Pierrot Luniare, Niemen, SBB, Begnegrad, Laibach, Phoenix, PPU, DG 307, Los Jaivas, Congreso, Egberto Gismonti, Vytas Brenner, Angel Rada Miguel Angel Noya, Brast Burn, Magical Power Mako, Yoshitaka Azuma, and more.

Hearing this now some 20+ years later there are some miscues and false starts. Hindsight is 20/ 20, and the original tapes hail from the mass media stone ages. Today with digital, computers, fax, email, cheap long distance and Google, everything is magically at your finger tips. Then it was like being a hunter gatherer of rare vinyl, odd tapes, and first or second hand information. The sense of musical adventure however was high, and thrill of discovery offered glimpses of nirvana at times. Have fun listening!

Eurock ~ A History Of…
(7 CD Audio Book $75 Post Incl. USA, Add $10 Foreign Air) Add to Cart

VOL.1: German Space Rock ~ VOL.2: German Electronics
VOL.3: French Art Rock ~ VOL.4: Italian Rock Renaissance
V. 5: East Euro ProgRock ~ V.6: So. American Fusions ~ VOL.7: Zen Electronics


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Yo soy musico y compositor preocupado por mi pais, revolucionario en mi musica y en el Arte pero respeto otras corrientes , tengo 29 CDs producidos, he visitado muchos paises socialistas o no, voy a hablar de lo correcto y lo incorrecto de mi pais, alabarè las cosas buenas y hablarè de las cosas que deben corregirse, no soy escualido, ni revolucionario socialista, simplemente soy venezolano
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